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Hagerstown Estate Planning AttorneyHagerstown, Maryland is a quaint city nestled between stone ridges. It provides a quiet reprieve from bustling cities nearby like Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., which are just over an hour’s drive from Hagerstown. Outdoor activities are a common form of recreation here with hikers able to travel along the Appalachian Trail and water enthusiasts able to enjoy the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and the Potomac River. In the county, there are five national parks and eight state parks, providing the perfect location for outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, and biking.

Hagerstown’s median population is in the 30s, but people of all ages need an estate plan to protect their family and their right to decide how to distribute their property. A Hagerstown estate planning attorney can guide people through the process of creating a solid estate plan that addresses their unique needs.

What Is Included in an Estate Plan
An estate plan is a set of legal documents that establish what happens if you die or become incapacitated. Making an estate plan can help you avoid unattractive state default rules, gives you greater control over what happens to you and your property, and helps you avoid conflict in your family. An estate plan often involves of a will that dictates who will receive your property after your passing. Your estate plan may also include a trust which provides detailed instructions on how your property should be managed. Healthcare documents like a living will and a durable power of attorney for health care can explain the type of medical treatments you want or do not want and allow a trusted person you name to make important medical decisions for you. A durable power of attorney documents allows you to give a trusted person the right to handle your financial affairs.

Hagerstown Estate PlanningBonnie A. Winders can help craft your customized estate plan. She will work closely with you to determine which estate planning documents are most crucial for you and craft provisions that make your wishes clear. Call us today to find out more about creating your estate plan and how we can help you.

About Hagerstown
Hagerstown is part of Washington County, Maryland. During the last census, Hagerstown had a population of 39,662. Hagerstown is uniquely formed with stone ridges running from northeast to southwest. The city was formed by a gunsmith and fur trader named Jonathan Hager in 1762. He acquired over 10,000 acres to form the area.

Hagerstown is a center of transit and commerce, including the Hagerstown Regional Airport, giving it the nickname of the “Hub City.” From early in its history, Hagerstown has been a prized location for commerce from the covered wagon and river commerce. The city experienced substantial growth once the railroad came to town.

Bonnie A. Winders LLC is located in Hagerstown at 23 N. Prospect St. Suite 301 in the heart of the cultural epicenter in Hagerstown nearby the Hagerstown Roadhouse Museum, the Jonathan Hager House Museum, Discovery Station at Hagerstown, and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.

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