Elder Law Lawyer in Hagerstown, MD

Elder Law Services for You and Your Family

Elder Law Lawyer in Hagerstown, MD

Elder law services aims to aid the elderly and their loved ones in legal aspects on many different concerns. The range of elder law is wide, from health care, estate planning, retirement, and other important issues that needs to be addressed for elder people. Elder law attorneys aim to give a quality life to older adults, having no problems when it comes to retirement, distribution of wealth or an instance when an illness strikes.

If you have concerns that are related to elder law, it is recommended that you get an attorney that specializes in that field. It is because the elder law attorneys are equipped with the right mindset and ways how to deal the sensitive needs of elder people. It is a challenging situation they are honed to handle.

Bonnie A. Winders Attorney at Law has 23 years of experience in dealing with elderly people and their families. We understand the emotional and financial concerns for these matters.

Bonnie A. Winders Attorney at Law can assist you with:

  • Estate planning
  • Retirement concerns
  • Home care
  • Health care
  • Elder abuse
  • Nursing home issues
  • Assistance in Public Benefit Programs

We are here to handle even the most emotional and sensitive concerns for your family. Going through different cases over the past two decades has made us understand things even more and made us more knowledgeable about elder law services. We are here for you.

Do you know an elder person being abused? Contact us. Do you have concerns about your home care or the nursing home of your loved one? Call us. Let us schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns so we can assist you better.


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