Estate Administration Lawyer in Hagerstown, MD

Estate Administration For Your Convenience

Estate Administration Lawyer in Hagerstown, MD

Administration of estate happens to manage estates when a person dies intestate. A person dies intestate if he or she leaves his or her assets without a legal will. All of the possessions of a person are considered his or her estate. Whether it be real estate, stocks, money, car, or other personal belongings. With these possessions a person will leave, there are a lot of processes to go through for proper distribution to the heirs– and those processes are what estate administration is about.

Having an attorney who will manage your estate will make things easier for everyone. The processes include taxing, paying off debts if there are, and the distribution of the estate. Assets and liabilities will be determined to be able to know the amount of tax and debts to pay. This is something very stressful for a grieving family to go through, that is why it is recommended for you to get a lawyer to assist you in these matters.

Bonnie A. Winders Attorney at Law has been practicing in this field for over two decades. This is something that we are already familiar with and we know how to deal with different circumstances because of our experience and knowledge. We will take care of the court filings, accounting and inventory. We will work with a good accounting firm to ensure everything is going as they should be to protect your best interests.

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